Saturday, May 14, 2011

Seafood Fire Sale

At around 0100 on 5/14 Engine Co. 28 was alerted to the 8400 blk of Annapolis Rd for a building fire. We pulled out of the station and got a block down before we saw the column. We pulled up, layed out, stretched a 200' 1.5" attack line and forced entry. We encountered heavy smoke upon entry so we took out the front windows so the lineman could find the fire which was in the kitchen area. A good part of the kitchen was burning and was spreading into the cieling. We got a good knock on it as the other companies pulled up. Some things I noticed here were that every window and door in this building had bars on the inside of the windows. Sure glad we had those bolt cutters on the wagon. We cleared the scene in about 2 hours.
My 2 cents: Just about everything went fairly well. One thing I didn't like was that by the time we were racking up those bars on the windows were still there and not taken out. There were only a couple ladders thrown and no sticks went up even though we were working on the roof. I took a secondary line up myself to put water down the exhaust chutes leading from the kitchen, which didnt work well from an attic ladder considering the line took off from my hands like a jagaloon. The truck co. had a nice hole cut up there. The shitty part is our gear smells like fire and rotten seafood.