Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fire Showing?

Ran this on the 3rd. Dispatched as a Street Assignment in our first due. Arrived to some flames coming out of the top of the "chimney". Went inside with the 1.5" line and found nothing inside. Went upstairs, still nothing. Climbed the wall up into the attic (no attic access ladder) and the only evidence of fire was the sound of the flames. Had to open up a nice sized closet on the second floor to find it. We beat the next in companies by a couple minutes so we not only had to do engine work and put it out but we had to open up and find it. The "chimney" was just a metal chute from the fireplace which was boxed in with siding supported by a wood frame. Didn't take long to spread. Could have been bad if the residents didn't know it was happening. A nice change of pace after a fire drought that lasted about 2 weeks.