Sunday, January 2, 2011

Shanty Shacks and Tent City's.

Just like all other major metropolitan areas, the D.C. metro area (PG County specifically) has it's fair share of homeless people. They have to live somewhere though, right? I came across this little setup just last week. We got a call for a brush fire back in the woods up behind a liquor store. Much to our suprise a column could be seen as we turned out of the station. On arrival, instead of brush, we had a small wooden shack off. There was also a tent and a tarp nearby. It was quite a setup. The shack appeared to have carpet in it along with a bench made of full paint cans and actually stood up quite well to the fire. There were some full paint cans and a small supply of canned foods in the shack as well. There were copious amounts of junk such as garbage, cans and bicycles lying around but an ingenuitous set up regardless. Fun stuff.