Tuesday, January 18, 2011

For some brothers back home.

Today is a sad day in the City of Camden NJ. Approximately 60 firemen and 160 police officers are being laid off due to city budget cuts. For those who don't know the City of Camden is a small city, about 10 square miles, with a population around 80,000. It sits across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. They have a very busy fire department which has undergone previous cuts and brownouts. The police are fairly busy as well battling a ranking of now Number 2 (formerly #1 for the past few years)most dangerous city in the country. But today the police department is being cut in half and the fire department has been torn apart by politicians and their budget plans. When will they learn that some things are neccessary. So show your support for our brothers in Camden. Hang tough, you have our support. Better times are coming.