Monday, January 30, 2012

Retreat Hell

On Jan. 29th just after 2 a.m. Engine Company 28 responded with 5 men to the 8000 block of Wingate Dr. Eng. 18 arrived first due and reported a house fully involved, which was not the case as you can tell from the pictures. Engine 28 arrived second due and picked up 18's line. We then stretched a 400' line along with 2 100' racks. I advanced the line to the second floor and encountered very heavy fire conditions in the rooms immediately to the left. We still had no water at this point so we dropped down and waited. The fire then began to grow and get so hot to the point our gear was burning. This was due to the first engine and truck company operating on the first floor backing out due to the fire conditions down there. Eventually we got water with decent pressure and the engine crew began to switch up nozzlemen due to the high heat conditions and collapsing roof/ceiling upstairs.
After switching with my backup man I went down to find another line and to find someone to finish putting out the first floor, which I did when I found a guy with a hose just standing around. I then yelled for more lines to the second floor which finally came a minute or two later by I believe the third due Engine but there was a big clusterfuck between them spraying water at nothing and stepping on our line keeping it from advancing. After finally getting a hold of the bitch upstairs we brought our line to the basement to help part of Truck 14s crew work on the basement while the rest of Truck 14 was working on overhauling and wetting down (with someones line) parts of the upper floors.
After all was said and done we got the fire out with our single line and the help of Truck 14 and their stolen hoseline.

This was taken after I believe the 4th due Engine arrived, was taken by their driver.
This one was taken a couple minutes after the first one, I think this is when 35 was finally bringing us some extra lines upstairs. We started to make some progress on the fire at this point.
Same thing pretty much. I think Truck 14 got a line right about here. Might even see the other engine company spraying it from the outside like they did since they backed out.