Saturday, October 29, 2011

Marine Stops on the Hill during 15,000 mile walk across America

In Mid-September we were visited by Mac Mcquown, A U.S. Marine (ret.) on a 15,000 mile walk across the U.S. in an effort to raise awareness for Veterans and Wounded Warriors. Mac started his journey from Virginia and will be walking to every state's capital. The trip is expected to take a whopping 4 years to complete.
Carrying a 4 wheeled custom made cart that held his spare clothes, supplies, a banner and 2 American Flags, Mac arrived at 28 on the afternoon of Sep. 19th and was treated to dinner by the members of 28 and was given a spot to hang up his hat for the night. Not much sleep would be had, though, as Mac's cart was damaged in the first week of his journey. We couldn't allow him to continue his journey the next morning without treating Mac to a Bay 3 West Lanham treatment. We hit up the Lowes and made extensive repairs and modifications to his cart. He was also given some supplies and a West Lanham t-shirt. All expenses on us of course. It was an honor to have Mac here, especially with all the veterans and active duty service members that currently volunteer at 28 and we were proud to be the first to sign his banner which I'm sure will collect thousands of more signatures throughout his journey. He was also hooked up with another firehouse to spend the following night at. We wish him the best in his journey and hope to see him again upon his return to the area. Included are some pictures, including some of the repairs made to his cart. See Mac and follow his journey via gps updates @ Semper Fi.