Monday, March 21, 2011

Running your calls.

It's been quiet lately. No fires for a couple weeks but there has been no shortage of medical locals, AFA's (alarm systems), wrecks and car fires. Today was a great example of why, no matter what, you should always want to be on the wagon (or truck) when it goes out. It happened like this......
After being placed in service while en route to an AFA, Engine 282 was put on a medical local at the metro station. While en route a column of black smoke could be seen coming from next to the highway in another company's area. With us being as knowledgeable about our area and whereabouts as we are we knew right where to go. When we got to the source of the thick smoke we found a dump truck well off. A nice change of pace from the regular medical calls or alarm systems, especially to pull up on it. Always ride, you never know what you'll miss.