Saturday, February 12, 2011

True Old School

She has no trendy nickname. She has no unique themes or flashy designs. She is dubbed simply "The Hahn". Such a piece of apparatus needs no nickname or flashy designs. The only mascot is the trademark Hahn Rooster and her calling card is her unprecedented jake brake, which has pushed many companies into their own first due jobs and had other's running scared. She is fast, powerful, loud, rough, rugged, reliable and she gets the job done every time she turns a wheel. She is "Our Hahn".

Placed in service in 1988 she originally ran out of the sister station but upon being refurbished in 2001 she came to her current home here on Hell's Half Acre. Since she has covered hundreds of thousands of miles and seen tens of thousands of calls. She has run thousands of wrecks and hundreds of fires. She, nearly an antique, is still running strong as a frontline Pumper. There is no other piece of apparatus like her. We couldn't ask for a better, more reliable engine and we are proud to have her here.