Monday, February 21, 2011

A day for the record books.

On Saturday Feb. 19th PG county went into a State Of Emergency due to the extremely large volume of calls coming in which was double the normal volume. Calls, ranging from small brush fires to house fires, were mostly a result of the extreme wind and dry conditions on that day. We responded to over 20 calls all over the county and at one point our Wagon made it as far as the D.C. line. Units from Baltimore City and the District were sent to PG to assist with calls. The PGFD also called in extra help from their career members. Some of the stats we came up with are as follows:
-3 crews (Wagon, Pumper & Truck)
-20+ calls
-3 Transfers adding up to 12+ total hours of time spent in other areas
-Multiple Brush calls of all sizes
-3 Working fires consisting of 6 houses, all a result of brush fires
-2500' of hose stretched
-Approximately 3 gallons of coffee consumed by members
Almost forgot to mention that a high speed police chase was ended out front of the station when MiniPumper 28 changed the light out front of the station and backed up traffic while going in quarters.